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monitored outlet of a medium watershed MountainHydro is a software package designed to model the summer outflow of small hilly watersheds covered with thin soils laid on an impermeable bedrock. It is a 3D physically based distributed parameters runoff model developed in C++ using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 integrated development environment. The four modules that form the package have their own page and links to them appears up above.
  • MountainWatershed : Watershed delimitation from elevation grid or from contour lines
  • MountainHarvester : Canopy and soil properties from a forest ecology map
  • MountainNetwork : Synthetic drainage network from elevation and soil properties
  • MountainFlow : Runoff simulator
The inputs are:
  • topography (raster of contour lines)
  • forest ecology map (species group, stand density and height and surface deposit)
  • meteorological time series (rain, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and radiation)
  • observed outflow for model calibration
The outputs are:
  • simulated flow rate at the outlet
  • Nash-Sutcliffe quality of fit coefficient
Using the meteorological times series and the forest ecology map to compute the evapotranspiration according to Penman-Monteith equation, the model routes the net rain through the soil matrix and the macropores. A network of surface and subsurface channels collect the waters concentrated by the microtopography and convey them up to the watershed outlet.