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short animation sample


MountainFlow, the runoff module of MountainHydro, uses the synthetic drainage network to route the surface water down to the watershed outlet. This network is drawn over the edges of cells forming the watershed and appears in magenta in the figure. The surface water runs in channels whose dimensions are determined after a modified drained area calculation that takes into account the surface convergence power of each cell, thus including the microtopography effect on the concentration of surface water. The channels are also fed partly by macropores from nearby soil cells and partly by the saturated/unsaturated soil matrix flow where slope inversions occur.

Here is a short simulation sample showing the non-matrix water (the dominant component of fast flow) versus time using a rainbow color scale shown at the left of the figure.

Each color represents a certain amount of non-matrix water :

  • dark blue : 20 mm or more
  • green : about 10 mm
  • light pink : less than 2mm

Rain, simulated runoff (black) and observed runoff (red) are shown on the right side of the figure

Observe the expansion and contraction of the drainage network.